Planning Applications

The council's Development Control Team manage planning applications related to minerals, waste and some council developments relating to highways, schools and other council offices and services

Search, view and comment planning applications for minerals, waste and council developments   

Planning applications for householder, residential, commercial and all other types of development are dealt with by either Westmorland and Furness Council or Cumberland Council unless the site lies in a National Park. The National Park Authorities deal with all planning applications that are within their boundaries (including minerals and waste proposals).

The Plain English guide to the planning system (PDF 332KB) explains how the planning system in England works. For a general overview in respect of matters that do and do not require planning permission the Planning Portal also provides some useful advice and guidance.

Minerals and Waste Planning 

Westmorland and Furness Council and Cumberland Council are the Minerals and Waste Planning Authority for Cumbria (outside of the national parks) the councils are responsible for the following matters regarding mining, quarrying and waste management facilities/activities in their geographic areas outside of the National Parks:

  • preparing planning policy (the policies against which proposals are assessed)
  • assessing and determining planning applications
  • ensuring compliance with planning permissions (ie planning conditions and the approved scheme)
  • taking enforcement action against any unauthorised minerals or waste related developments or activities.