Extra Care Housing and Supported Living

Extra Care Housing and Supported Living Accommodation - What is it? 

In Cumbria the term 'extra care' housing is used to describe housing developments that comprise self-contained homes with design features and support services to enable people to self-care and continue to live independently.  Whilst they are primarily for older people some may support younger people with disabilities.

The 'extra' in extra care housing is generally recognised to be access to care services that can:

  • Respond quickly to residents changing needs

  • Provide unplanned care as and when required in addition to planned care

  • Provide an emergency response.

Extra Care Housing in Cumbria Factsheet (PDF 440kb).

The Benefits of Extra Care Housing and Supported Living Accommodation

People who live in Extra Care housing have their own self-contained homes - usually with a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and access to care staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also communal facilities and activities available.

For many people, Extra Care housing is the ideal solution as it means that they live in a home of their own, can stay together as a couple even with different levels of need, live as part of a supportive environment, in a location situated in the heart of the local community, but with the added reassurance that help is at hand. Extra Care housing allows people to move out of houses, where they are finding it difficult to cope, into a home where they can be secure and live independently. In some situations Extra Care Housing also allows people to move out of residential care and return to independent living. 

Supported Living accommodation also means living in your own home, whether as a homeowner or more often as a tenant. This model may be delivered on a range of scales from supporting an individual in a single property to a number of individuals as part of a Supported Living scheme. Supported Living enables people to move out of a family home or residential care setting into a safe environment with appropriate space and facilities.